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The Panama Guide: A Complete Guide to Panama and the Panama Canal

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Nancy Schwalbe Zydler and Tom Zydler

Seaworthy Publications: Nancy Schwalbe Zydler & Tom Zydler

The Panama Guide : A Complete Cruising Guide to Cruising Panama and Transiting The Panama Canal

This guide  is the most comprehensive book written about the extraordinarily beautiful waters of the Caribbean and Pacific coasts of Panama. It contains vital information for planning waterborne adventures along these fascinating shores.

With 187 detailed chartlets The Panama Guide, 2nd ed. travels through the 365 islands of San Blas, explores the protected bays of Bocas del Toro, the green shores of the Las Perlas archipelago, the intriguing rivers leading into the tropical forests as well as the spectacular Panama Canal.

This book includes explicit piloting instructions, GPS waypoints, lists of navigational aids, local services, customs regulations and recommendations for on shore activities

About the Authors : Nancy Schwalbe Zydler and Tom Zydler are long time contributors to nautical publications throughout the US and Europe i

Paperback : Pages 438

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