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GRAHAM NEWLAND A well navigated life

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Yachtie, Navigator, Grazier, Pilot

Author: Jan Newland

The hidden life of one of Australia’s greatest ocean racing navigators is discovered in a box of scrapbooks
When Graham Newland’s daughter inherited a box of old scrapbooks, she had no inkling of how rich her father’s life had been.
Of course, Jan Newland knew about the two Sydney to Hobart victories her father had won when she was young.

The scrapbooks highlighted just how important Graham had been in making Australian yachts, not just contenders, but victors, on the international scene.
But Graham was also a quiet man, as happy tinkering in his engineering workshop as he was, sailing on Sydney Harbour. He wasn’t a man to blow his own trumpet. However, the accolades in newspaper clippings and correspondence outline the glory over a forty-year career had transfixed his daughter, so Jan read on.

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