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Australian, British Admiralty & New Zealand Navy Charts

IMO, ITU, Witherby, SOLAS, BridgeWatch

Boat Books is not only one of the leading British Admiralty IACA’s (International Admiralty Chart Agent) in the southern hemisphere, they carry comprehensive stock of Australian & New Zealand Navy Charts, IMO, ITU, Witherby and SOLAS regulated publications, plus with their Folio Management system “BridgeWatch” offer a range of services which can provide a powerful aid for ship masters, owners and operators alike, particularly those responsible for ship safety management plans required under the International Safety Management Code.
Boat Books Australia Pty. Ltd., Australia’s offer a chart and publication maintenance service, “BridgeWatch”. For those unfamiliar with it, this has been developed to monitor charts, nautical publications and the required publications for a specific vessel. It will automatically supply their accompanying Notice to Mariner’s as well as provide tracings for relevant charts held.

“BridgeWatch” is a complete service that will assist the Navigation Officer in the upkeep of charts and publications to the highest level of accuracy and professionalism.

“BridgeWatch” can also supply a correction log appropriate to the vessel’s outfit and has the capabilities to automatically replace charts, nautical publications and reference books on publication of new editions.

Advantages of “BridgeWatch”:

- The design of the system meets your quality assurance and ISM code specifications.
- Looks at only the charts on board the vessel, not all charts distributed by the relevant authority.

Each week Boat Books Australia will issue a computer printout of all the corrections applicable to only the charts on board the Vessel. Along with this report is a copy of the relevant notices to mariners plus only the tracings applicable to the charts on board the vessel.

Once the officer concerned has completed the relevant correction(s) he can sign the printout confirming that the correction(s) have been completed.

As new charts are issued replacing any charts held on board, the “BridgeWatch” system automatically flags this condition and a new chart is issued to the vessel.

“BridgeWatch” allows the Marine superintendent to audit ships charts at any time with a current printout supplied from Boat Books Australia.

There is a cost and time saving compared to manually plotting plus “BridgeWatch” manages the charts on board each vessel.

One other advantage that “BridgeWatch” has is that at Boat Books Aust P/L we can send certificates of confirmation to “BridgeWatch” clients that all relevant corrections to their charts have been supplied.