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Storm Prophet

$32.95 GST

The Sydney Hobart yacht race is world famous: the crowds at the Boxing Day start; the Harbour full of colour; giant super-maxis competing for line honours and glory. But in the wrong weather, it can be deadly. No one will ever forget the carnage of 1998.

This year, Kirsten McKenzie must win. The bank she’s inherited is in trouble, and desperately needs the PR boost of a race victory. Everyone thinks she’ll do it – she’s got the fastest boat and the best record. Everyone, that is, except a boy called Moses who claims to be able to see the future. He doesn’t foresee victory. He sees a storm, mountains of water. He sees a disaster.

Petra Woods is Director of the Sydney New Coastguard. She doesn’t want to believe Moses’s warning, but as the race draws closer and his other predictions start coming true, she might not have a choice. The only option may be to plunge in between the perfect race and the perfect storm.

The Storm Prophet is a truly gripping thriller about a vision, a race and the merciless power of the sea. 380 pages PB.

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