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Slow Boat from China: A Man, a Woman, and a Dog Cruising from Hong Kong to Vancouver

$44.95 GST

Slow Boat from China is everything one could want out of a sailing narrative.

A couple decides to escape from the rat race to the freedom and adventure of a life aboard. Sailing from Hong Kong to Vancouver, B.C. on MOONSHINER, a 37ft steel ketch, they encounter colorful natives and awesome landscapes, describing them in great detail.

They are delayed by mechanical problems, powerful storms, and corrupt customs officials. The crew, their dog, Fluke adds charm and humor as they stop in exotic ports in Southeast Asia, Africa and Europe.

After a 3-year stopover in Holland to replenish the cruising kitty, they leave for Canada and home.

Authors : Adrian Sparham

Paperback : 228 pages

SKU: P8064

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