SisterShip Training Emergency Preparedness Manual

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Jackie & Noel Parry

SisterShip Training

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What would you do in an emergency? Are your boat and crew prepared? Are you?
This manual will help you to prepare for emergencies on the water.
The information and tasks in this book will enable you to create an Emergency Response Manual for you and your vessel. The information is based on expert sources. The Parry’s have a combined 80 years on international waters and over 80,000 nautical miles.

Easy and straightforward, step-by-step:
✓Preventing emergencies ✓Prepare yourself, your boat, your crew ✓Emergency response

Grounding – Stranding – Running Aground
Propellor fouled/damaged
Loss of steering
Loss of propulsion
Rudder loss
Severe weather
Medical emergency
Abandon ship
Death on board

✓Rescue experts’ advice ✓Preparing for the worst
Once you’ve worked through this course you will feel prepared and confident. You will be more at ease while on the water. You will have concise, appropriate, and critical information to give to new crew/visitors so they are equipped should the worst happen. You will have detailed information in one place for you to refer to. You can then easily adjust and improve upon the details, time and again. The time to prepare is now – on the hard, in the marina or at anchor, and in calm weather. This manual is written specifically for cruising yachts and motorboat owners. Don’t forget: You yourself are part of the safety equipment.