SisterShip Emergency Preparedness Manuals Bundle

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Jackie & Noel Parry

SisterShip Training

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Emergency Preparedness Manual: over 90 pages to give you, your boat, and crew the best chance of survival

What would you do in an emergency? Are your boat and crew prepared? Are you?
This manual will help you to prepare for emergencies on the water.
The information and tasks in this book will enable you to create an Emergency Response Manual for you and your vessel. The information is based on expert sources. The Parry’s have a combined 80 years on international waters and over 80,000 nautical miles.

Emergency Response Display Folder Manual: The 20-page display folder contains Emergency Procedure Templates for Emergencies, with access to many more.

The purpose of this folder is to kick start you to preparing your procedures and reference material for all safety aspects on board, e.g. radio operation, EPIRBs, emergency steering, etc.