Shipborne Radar and ARPA Nutshell Series Book 3

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The explanations of Head-up, North-up and Course-up displays have been elaborated further with additional drawings. Minor editorial improvements have been made where necessary.

1st April 2015 Capt. H. Subramaniam.


Every author who writes a technical book does so with a certain purpose in mind, to suit a specific need. This book is intended not only to make an officer competent in the use of radar, but also to serve as a reference book that he would like to carry with him at sea.

I have tried to give radar plotting the importance it deserves by devoting nearly half the book to it. Work sheets, showing the working of each exercise, have been included so that quick revision is possible whenever desired.

In the second edition, minor changes were made in parts I, II & III to keep uptodate especially in view of IMO’s Performance Standards for Navigational Radar for sets fitted after September 1984. No changes have been made in Part IV – radar plotting.

In the third edition, two new chapters were added in Part I – ‘Developments in basic radar’ and ‘The raster scan display’. A new part – Part V ‘ARPA’ – was added. This was intentionally included at the end after radar plotting so that the student may study radar first without too much information coming to him prematurely.

In this fourth edition, changes have been made incorporating the standards specified in IMO Resolution MSC.192(79) (adopted on 6th Dec 2004). Descriptions of CRT & electro-mechanical parts have been deleted as they are not found on modern ships.

My grateful thanks to seafarers for the encouraging remarks that they have made after studying/reading my books in the Nutshell Series.