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Sell up and Cruise the Inland Waterways

$39.95 GST

Living afloat on inland canals, rivers and waterways is a popular choice throughout the UK and Europe, and its popularity is growing. Attracted for financial, environmental or lifestyle reasons, there are now so many people wanting to sell up and live on the water that there are waiting lists for permanent berths.

Bill and Laurel Cooper are the experts on living afloat. Practising what they preach, they have lived aboard a variety of boats throughout Europe for over 30 years. Covering UK, European and American inland waterways, they offer practical, first-hand expert advice on:
– Suitable boats
– Likely costs
– Rules and regulations
– Insurance considerations
– Pros and cons of the liveaboard lifestyle
– Dealing with health and other problems
– Provisioning
And much, much more. PB 202 pages.

Online Shopping