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Sailors Guide to the Windward Islands

$79.95 GST

Chris Doyle published the first Cruising Guide to the Windward Islands in 1980. Over its 16 editions, this book has gone from strength to strength, staying on the cutting edge of cruising guide technology with each new edition. It was the first in the area to come out with GPS waypoints, color photography, computerized color sketch charts, and web support. It has, for many years, been the best selling guide to his area for the following reasons: Excellent anchorage charts that are based on the author’s surveys and are very clear and detailed. Aerial photos are included for most anchorages. Like all Doyle’s guides, it is beautifully printed in full color on glossy paper with lots of scenic photography. The navigational information is clear and concise, with GPS waypoints. The Doyle guides are unsurpassed for their onshore information, and this book is no exception, with excellent sections on exploring, provisioning, eating out, as well as services, and water sports for each anchorage. This guide is is backed by this website that offers downloadable GPS waypoints and Updates as well as general information and links to local businesses for all the islands covered in this guide. Plenty of local advertising is included, which most readers it find really useful. This advertising also helps to keep the price of this high quality book really reasonable.

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