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Safe Transport of Containers by Sea

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This guidance is addressed primarily to shippers, although everyone involved in the transport of containers by sea, not least ship operators and crew, should be aware of the importance of stuffing containers safely and correctly, and the need to comply with international regulations and best practice procedures established by the industry. In the interests of protecting cargo, this is a matter of enlightened self interest. It is of the utmost importance to recognise that actions taken when containers are stuffed may have direct implications for the stability and safety of containerships, the lives of seafarers on board and the safety of others throughout the transport chain. It is particularly important for all involved to understand the high degree of physical risk presented by the marine environment, the extreme forces to which a ship is exposed at sea, and the extent to which these risks are greatly increased by any failure to stuff containers correctly. This point cannot be over emphasised. It is vital to adhere to weight restrictions, and correct procedures for loading and securing cargo, to ensure the safe distribution of weight and that cargoes inside containers do not move or shift when at sea, compromising the safety of the ship. The IMO/ILO/UNECE Guidelines on the Packing of Cargo Transport Units provides a common global resource for information on container stuffing.

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