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Phoenix from the Ashes

$17.95 GST

‘Good will come of this.’ I don’t know why I said that… the fire crew walked back down the hill – there was nothing they could do. As we stood there watching the house collapse in flames, I put my arms around Linda, who was sobbing uncontrollably. All we owned now were the old clothes in which we stood, and an old car for which we no longer had a key…. These were the words of Justin and Linda (picture) who moved to Islay five years ago and who now live at Torrabus Farmhouse, on the road to Bunnahabhain.

After a fire destroyed their house, Justin and his wife Linda irrationally decided to build a 15-ton classic yacht, as complete amateurs – starting with the trees. Working under the watchful eye of local sheep farmers who gave freely of their advice, how could they possibly fail? Once built, they set off for seven years aboard the prettiest boat you’ve ever seen to search out the hidden paradises and wildernesses in Scotland, France, Cornwall and Ireland, meeting the quirky, sometimes odd, but always entertaining characters who inhabit the shoreline.
PB 250 pages

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