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Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book 2

$59.95 GST

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Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania Book 2 is a wonderful collection of tall tales and striking portrait and seascape photographs from deep in the southern ocean, where the Roaring Forties batter Australia’s smallest state – Tasmania.

Inside you will meet tough salt encrusted sailors, fishermen and shipwrights, who have made passage and experienced high adventures across all the worlds oceans.

In Book 2 you will live the pirates life in the caribbean, race in the worlds greatest blue water classics, search for cray fish along the coastlines of Bass Strait’s remote islands, endure gale force winds while capturing yachts competing in the world renowned Sydney to Hobart, make passage to a pristine harbour on a dutch tall ship, visit a world famous wooden boat festival and so much more.

Old Sea Dogs of Tasmania, by resident author Andrew Wilson, is not only a homage in words and images to his island home, it is also a love letter to the sea and those that cast away their lines and set forth seeking adventure and fortune.

Hardback : 280 Pages

SKU: P6029

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