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Oil Tankers : A Pocket Safety Guide – 2022 Edition

$120.00 GST

This pocket-sized book has been significantly updated for 2022.

It covers the most important ship safety topics and outlines summaries of the industry best practices that apply to all crewmembers working on oil tankers.

Recent developments in safety including updates to safety management practices, safe mooring operations, the procedure for entry into confined spaces and atmosphere testing have been incorporated.

The book reviews a variety of common hazards and topics on oil tankers, for example carrying out safe cargo and lifting operations, the correct use of PPE and safe access/movement around the ship. It is an essential ‘back to basics’ safety guide for seafarers of all ranks and positions.

As such it is an ideal companion for tanker familiarisation both ashore and on board, as well as for those seeking training or further education in safe oil tanker operations.


SKU: P6013

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