Marine Meteorology Nutshell Series Book 2

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The book has been modernized and updated throughout. The mercury barometer has been deleted and current topics like El Nino, La Nina, Tsunami, Rogue waves, Ozone layer, Phosphorescence of the sea, Aurora, etc. have been added. A practical exercise on TRS has been added.

While revising this book I have not lost of the sight of the aim of this book – meteorology for mariners.

1st March 2015. Capt. H. Subramaniam.


Meteorology can be a very interesting subject if tackled properly. The secret is the order in which the topics are studied. Everything would then seem to fall into a proper pattern whereby nothing needs to be conned by rote (learned by heart).

Meteorology is a vast subject and there are many books on it. However, this book is meant to give the mariner the necessary knowledge in a simple and concise manner (in a nutshell!), enable him to become competent with less effort. The sketches and maps have been personally drawn by me and simplified to make the subject easier to understand.

In this edition, the third, minor changes have been made throughout especially in the weather reporting system, the various weather codes, meteorological instruments, the International Ice Patrol and weather routeing with cross-references, wherever necessary, to the 2000 amendments to SOLAS 74.