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NP136 2 Ocean Passages of the World Rest of World

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2021 edition is now available.

ADMIRALTY Ocean Passages for the World Vol 2 NP136 (2) – Rest of the World (excluding the Atlantic region)

Ocean Passages for the World supports the planning of deep-sea voyages on most major routes, with details of weather, currents, ice hazards and distances between major ports.

Ocean Passages for the World includes:
Individual chapters covering each of the world’s oceans, with details of weather, climate, winds, currents, swell, seasonal factors and ice hazards

Numerous route diagrams and chartlets clearly demonstrating the effects of climate, wave heights and load line zones

ADMIRALTY QR codes to enable quick access to a list of all Notices to Mariners (NMs) that affect the publication

Also available as an e-Nautical Publication


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