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New Cold Molded Boatbuilding

$54.95 GST

From Lofting to Launching
It is generally agreed that cold moulded construction is the best method for the amateur or low profile professional interested in building a full size cruising boat.

A truly appropriate technology, cold moulding combines the beauty of wood with the low maintenance characteristics of fibreglass. The new cold moulded boatbuilding is the complete, soup to nuts presentation of this process, with chapters detailing every facet of construction from choosing a design and setting up through engine installation and wiring to launching and sea trials. In addition, the author has streamlined the cold moulding process considerably, producing boats that are more economical, efficient and sturdy boats built from native materials that will last the life of the builder and turn heads in harbours around the world.

Paperback : 320 pages.

Author : Reuel B Parker

SKU : P5742

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