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Manual of Oil Tanker Operations

$95.00 GST

This publication has been written by senior Nautical College lecturers who have responsibility for tanker elements of the Deck Officer academic requirements, as well as statutory and industry tanker training courses.

They have extensive practical experience of tanker operations as senior deck officers.

The book is aligned closely to the knowledge requirements of deck cadets and junior deck officers to be successful in the academic and practical aspects of their careers.

The content is compatible with the HNC, HND and Foundation Degree programmes offered by UK Nautical Colleges.

Chapters include:

  • Historical Background
  • Basic Hazards,
  • Modern Tanker Design,
  • Sources of Ignition,
  • Inert Gas Production and Operations,
  • Gas Evolution and Venting, Pipelines and Pumps,
  • The Voyage Cycle, Types of Berths and Offshore Terminals,
  • Tank Cleaning and COW Pollution Prevention,
  • Dangerous Space Entry,
  • Cargo Calculations,
  • Vetting Inspections,
  • Response to Oil Spillage.

To extend the field of publication, Manual of Oil Tanker Operations includes new approaches to this subject that deal comprehensively with the actual ‘nuts and bolts’ of a deck officer’s work. The easy-to understand text is adequately supported by photographs, line drawings and copies of the statutory documents and diagrams which make the industry the most regulated in the world. There are a number of case studies inviting student participation. This book introduces topics not dealt with in any other teaching publication, and enables ships’ officers to obtain a firm grasp of a subject which is constantly developing.

Hardback : 193 Pages

Authors : Solly Raymond, Quentin Cox, John Onslow

SKU: P4867

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