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Fire Training Manual (2024)

$499.00 GST

I.C. Brindle SOLAS Fire Training Manual 4th Edition (2024)
Our 4th Edition of the SOLAS Fire Training Manual (2024)* incorporates the latest advancements in technology, maritime practices, and global changes since the previous 3rd edition in 2017. These updates entail comprehensive revisions aimed at ensuring compliance with the latest 2024 SOLAS requirements and acceptance from maritime Administrations worldwide.

Updated to include expanded coverage on fire spread and ventilation practices, along with updated guidelines on operational responsibilities. Additionally, it reflects the ever changing maritime legislative requirements. These revisions emphasise the importance of staying informed and compliant with evolving standards to ensure the safety and security of maritime operations.

Owning the 4th Edition of our SOLAS Fire Training Manual provides end-users and stakeholders with the necessary tools to stay informed and comply with rapidly evolving international regulations established by the IMO, MCA, and other maritime organisations or maritime Administrations. By offering up-to-date information and guidance, the manual instils confidence in users, enabling them to navigate maritime fire safety operations and regulations with confidence.

*This product is now available pre-order To pre-order your 4th Ed. Fire Training Manual, please email purchase orders to, release date May 2024.

Key Features & Equipment Benefits:
Updated to Reflect Technological Advancements and Global Changes: The manual has been thoroughly updated to reflect the latest technological advancements, evolving shipping practices, and global changes since 2017. This ensures fire safety provisions remain aligned with current industry standards and best practices.
Revised Sections on Extinguishing Media: The 4th Edition includes revised sections on extinguishing media, addressing emerging concerns such as the replacement of AFFF foam and mitigation strategies for lithium-ion vehicle fires. These updates are crucial for staying abreast of evolving fire suppression techniques.
Expanded Coverage on Fire Dynamics: Recognising the importance of understanding fire dynamics, the manual now provides expanded coverage on fire spread, growth, and ventilation practices. These updates equip maritime professionals with comprehensive knowledge to effectively manage fire incidents onboard vessels.
Integration of Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems (IAMCS): A new section outlines the functions of Integrated Alarm Monitoring and Control Systems (IAMCS) to enhance fire response capabilities. These systems play a crucial role in early detection and rapid intervention, minimising the impact of fire emergencies.
Updated Guidelines on Command, Control, and Fire Team Responsibilities: The 4th Edition incorporates updated and expanded guidelines on command, control, and fire team responsibilities. Clear and well-defined roles ensure efficient coordination during fire emergencies, promoting a swift and organized response.
Expanded Fire Safety Operational Booklet: An expanded Fire Safety Operational Booklet includes updates applicable to various vessel types. References to the new Industrial Personnel (IP) Code and SOLAS Chapter XV (effective July 2024) enhance compliance and safety measures tailored to specific ship categories.
Customisation for Vessel-Specific Equipment and Procedures: The manual continues to offer provision for customising procedures to vessel-specific equipment and requirements. This ensures fire safety protocols are tailored to the unique characteristics of each vessel, optimizing safety measures and compliance efforts.
Comprehensive Coverage of Vessel Types: The 2024 SOLAS Fire Training Manual comprehensively covers various vessel types, including fires in port, dangerous goods handling, passenger vessels, tankers, offshore support vessels, and more. This expansive coverage ensures the manual remains relevant and effective across diverse maritime operations.

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