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ECDIS Passage Planning and Watchkeeping, 2024-25 Edition

$742.50 GST


This publication equips navigators with a thorough knowledge of ECDIS, contributing towards safer navigation and a more effective bridge team. It encourages operators to practice using every function and technique available on ECDIS, such as new automatic functions for creating ‘no-go’ alarms, 3D ENC functionality and use of VHF. A revised introduction chapter details the latest IMO Performance Standards for ECDIS equipment.

The 2024–25 edition also includes a new chapter on Port State Control, Audits and Verifying Compliance. The verification checks are split according to ECDIS and Passage Planning verification, with the latter following the APEM structure. Each area of inspection is covered, with guidance included on how to conduct the checks.

Updated ECDIS screenshots, expanded NAVTEX content and illustrations such as the PSC flowchart aid readers’ understanding of best practice techniques..

Online Shopping