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Economics of Maritime Transport, Theory and Practice

$99.00 GST

Economics of Maritime Transport: Theory and Practice The contemporary development of the international maritime transport industry has been accompanied by the emergence of maritime economics as a major area of analysis, both in terms of theory and empirical research, The primary purpose of this book is to demonstrate how this analysis can be applied to the complex problems of the industry. The Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers is charged under its Royal Charter with the dissemination of knowledge, the maintenance of standards, and the provision of a professional qualification. In the dynamic field of international trade and shipping business this is a challenging task. The Institute has members and students in some 70 countries involved in all aspects of shipping, and its professional qualification is recognized worldwide. The professional needs to have an understanding of the business environment in which he or she operates. It is also essential to have the ability to analyse the commercial implications of their and others actions as well as the capacity to cope with change. It is in the context that The Institute made the decision to publish a series of shipping business text books. These combine both theory and practice, and intend to serve the practitioners within the mainstream of shipping business as well as student at college and university and those studying for professional examinations.

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