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Chapman Quick Reference First Aid Guide

$24.95 GST

For Onboard Medical Emergencies

Onboard emergencies differ from those on land: help can take a while to arrive, supplies may be limited, and the possibility of dangers such as drowning and heatstroke increases.

Be prepared and ready to respond to anything, with this thorough first aid manual from Chapman.

Easy-to-locate and at-a glance instructions, plus informative color illustrations, deal with everything from breaks and burns to food poisoning and CPR. Captain and crew will learn the best way to summon quick assistance, and how to help the patient in the meantime.

Here are clear and simple procedures for handling child resuscitation, hypothermia, punctures, dehydration, chest pains, crushed fingers and severed limbs, eye injures, marine bites and stings, and much more.

Paperback : 20 pages

SKU: P15483

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