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Captain James Cook : The Greatest Discoverer

$45.00 GST

The Captain James Cook collection of Bob and Mary Ann Parks is a landmark of its kind, and represents the finest such collection offered.

The catalogue includes highlights such as:

  • An extraordinary original letter by Cook, entirely in his own hand, asking for the return of a press-ganged sailor;
  • Joseph Banks engraved map of Cooks first voyage, the first map of the east coast of Australia, and never before offered for sale;
  • Magnificent engraved portraits of Cook, Banks, Omai and others;
  • An original manuscript map from Cooks surveying of Newfoundland;
  • Samples of genuine tapa cloth in the contemporary books of Alexander Shaw and Anders Sparrman;
  • All of the major recorded engravings of the death of Captain Cook.

Hardback : 176 pages

SKU : P13853

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