Bridge Equipment, Charts & Publications Nutshell Series Book 5

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This book was planned many years ago but delayed because priorities changed frequently when the writing/revision of books on other subjects was deemed more important. In the interim period, three booklets were published namely, “The Marine Sextant”, “The Marine Chronometer” and “The Magnetic Compass”. These booklets proved to be very popular. They would be discontinues when this book is published.

Recently, I took up teaching at pre-sea academies as a visiting faculty member and found that this new book was of utmost importance to those students – hence the completion of this book that I commenced writing many years ago.

I have made the chapter on the sextant more crisp with detailed diagrams on checking its errors. I have reduced the chapter on the chronometer considerably bearing in mind that most of the modern ships do not carry a chronometer as they use the GPS clock for correct time! I have added several chapters on other equipment, Charts, Chart Correction, & Publications.

Teaching at pre-sea academies gives me more satisfaction than lecturing at post sea colleges as the young cadets look up to you as a role model, an icon or even a hero. They tend to think “One day I hope to be like him,” barring the current waistline!