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Australian Boating Manual – 6th Edition 2023

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by  Capt. Dick Gandy


The 6th Edition (2023) of the comprehensive text book used for Coxswains and Masters training at TAFE colleges.

Includes questions & answers. A useful reference book for any boat.

The 6th Edition has been updated for

  • MAR Training Package (9.0) – Marine Order 505 ( 1 Jan 2023)
  • NSCV Parts D & E – Marine Orders 505, 504
  • WORKCOVER – Safework/Worksafe
  • First Aid & Medical with Remote Assistance
  • WHS, Risk Assessment
  • Safety Equipment
  • State (s) Boating Safety Requirements
  • Distress Signals Collision Regulations
  • Communications & Equipment
  • Solar and Wind Power Generation
  • Legislation, Australian Standards
  • Live Reference Links in eBook

Author :  Captain Dick gandy

Hardback : 1000 pages

SKU: P03726


This sixth boating book reflects the culmination of decades of sea experience, teaching, expert consultations and research into hundreds of books, journals, manuals and technical papers from all over the world. In this edition the reliance on these experts has been necessarily broadened. It is the product of input from wide ranging experts and manufacturers.

​It is a 1000-page manual, twice the size of its first edition and containing about 2600 Q&A to test oneself and for institutions to test its employees and students.

The book of course continues to maintain its comprehensive integrity, including buying and insuring boats, nautical terminology, boat operation, maintenance, cyclone protection, sizes of mooring lines, winches, slings, onboard work practices, electronic fuel injection, four-stroke outboards, engine beds, exhaust systems, ventilation, soundproofing, solar power, electrical installations, pumps, valves and plumbing.

As Captain Jeanine Drummond states in her testimonial:

 “The world of maritime is a better place because of Captain Dick Gandy and his legacy for maritime education and imparting knowledge, that continues to live on in this revised 6th edition of the Australian Boating Manual. This edition, under the careful guidance of Dick’s wife Jing Gandy and with Chief Editor David Hunter has engaged key subject expertise consultants that ensure Dick’s work remains relevant for another generation of Australian mariners to enjoy maritime learning.”

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