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Catching Thunder : The true story of the world’s longest sea chase

$32.95 GST

The true story of the world’s longest sea chase.

By Eskil Engdal and Kjetil Saeter

A remarkable true story of courage and perseverance — and a wake-up call.

December, 2014: In the forbidding waters off Antarctica, Captain Hammarstedt of the Bob Barker embarks on a voyage unlike any seen before. Across ten thousand miles of hazardous seas, Hammarstedt’s crew will relentlessly pursue the Thunder—an infamous illegal fishing ship—for what will become the longest chase in maritime history.

Wanted by Interpol, the Thunder has for years evaded justice: accumulating millions in profits, hunting endangered species and ruthlessly destroying ocean habitats. The authors follow this incredible expedition from the beginning. But even as seasoned journalists, they cannot anticipate what the chase will uncover, as the wake of the Thunder leads them to trail of criminal kingpins, rampant corruption, modern slavery, and an international community content to turn a blind eye. Very soon, apprehending Thunder becomes more than a chase but a pursuit of the truth itself and a symbolic race to preserve the well-being of our planet.

A Scandinavian best-seller, Catching Thunder is a remarkable true story of courage and perseverance, and a wake-up call to act against the destruction of our environments.

Paperback : 390 pages

Author : Eskil Engdal and Kjetil Saeter

SKU: P1467


‘Engdal and Saeter are to journalism what Jagger and Richards are to rock and roll — sexy, irreverent and brilliant.’


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