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Amazing Sailing Stories

$39.95 GST

by Dick Durham

True Adventures from the High Sea’s

Set sail on a thrilling journey to discover some of the most exciting tales of adventure afloat. There’s every sort of vessel from majestic square rigger to humble homemade yacht. Journey around gale-whipped headlands and survive mountainous seas – or turn the page to discover the delights of cruising among the islands of a tropical paradise.

The exploits of sailing’s greatest names are recounted, along with an eclectic mix of tales that never made the headlines, yet make compelling reading. Discover a treasure trove of sailing stories from across centuries, and from the four corners of the globe. This is wonderful reading for anyone with a love of sailing and the sea.

“a great read… the book recounts real-life stories of danger, destruction and survival against the odds.” Sailing Today

“Some of the great sailing yarns retold in gripping style.” Classic Boat

“So accessible and diverting.” Times Literary Supplement

“A good, diverse, collection of sea stories.” Yachting Monthly

Author : Dick Durham
Paperback : 264 pages
SKU: P01835

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