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The Nautical Institute on Command (3rd Edition)

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The Nautical Institute on Command is the Institute’s flagship publication and distils the best advice available for aspiring officers, new Masters and experienced Masters. It aims to promote reflection on aspects of the job that they may not have yet experienced – not to solve every possible problem or provide a checklist for every situation.

Commanding a ship requires all the skills and knowledge, professional and technical, gained up to the point of taking up command, plus soft skills. The book’s expert authors cover these in short practical articles that will guide the transition from chief officer to Master and also serve as reference for years to come.

The book has its own voyage plan that leads readers through the basics of command, looking at legislation and how it impacts the day job and relationships with the various stakeholders. The focus on day to day management includes operations and personnel management.

Release year: 2015
Weight: 330 grams
SKU: P1772

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