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The Art of Seamanship : Evolving Skills, Exploring Oceans, and Handling Wind, Waves, and Weather

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Evolving Skills, Exploring Oceans, and Handling Wind, Waves, and Weather

Wind, waves, weather, and water demand the practiced art of seamanship

“Planning and reacting to the unanticipated are the flip sides of seamanship. This blending of pre-voyage preparedness with effective on-the-water response is learned rather than inherent–together they define the art of seamanship.” — Author RALPH NARANJO

Each time a sailboat casts off its dock lines the sailor enters a marine realm that demands knowledge, preparedness, vigilance, and cool headedness–these qualities are the foundation of good seamanship. Both an art as well as a science, seamanship is also the mastery of numerous practical details, from the best choice of line for a jib sheet to an accurate assessment of the passage of a deep low-pressure system.

The Art of Seamanship will improve your problem-solving skills, whether day sailing around the harbor or voyaging around the world.

You’ll learn:

  • The attributes of a good skipper and crew—including physical and mental agility, effective communication, and knowledge-based decision making
  • Fine-tuning your voyaging with the seaworthiness of your boat and the capability of your crew in mind
  • Using weather information and routing resources to lower risks and raise rewards
  • Developing advanced boat-handling skills—including heaving-to, towing a drogue, reefing, setting storm sails,and kedging
  • Lines, line handling, and rigging–making sure the right strings are attached, including an in-depth look at modern rope construction
  • Anchoring–the art of staying put–with a realistic look at tackle from lunch hooks to storm anchors
  • Sails, modern sail material, sail trim, sail handling, and hardware, from hanked-on headsails to the latest top-down furlers.
  • Navigating in the satellite age, including paper and digital chart plotting, how to best use the new equipment, plus understanding the role of celestial navigation as a fail-safe
  • Sailboat design and dynamics, including the role of vessel structure and stability and a look at what your current boat has to offer and what to look for in a new boat
  • Sharing crowded waters and understanding the reasons behind the “rules of the road”
  • How to be ready for any emergency, including fire, crew overboard, a flooding bilge, or the need to abandon ship
  • Establishing reliable communication, including VHF, AIS, SSB, satellite phones, and beacon signaling (EPIRBS, PLBS)

Around-the-world sailor Ralph Naranjo–technical expert, ocean racer, former Vanderstar Chair at the U.S. Naval Academy–delivers a priceless reference for anything that comes up while on the water, sharing all the knowledge today’s sailors need to “hand, reef, and steer”–an enduring reference to the collective skills of the blue water sailor. The Art of Seamanship will improve your problem-solving skills, whether day sailing around the harbor or voyaging around the world.

Author: Ralph Naranjo

Hardback: 512 pages

SKU: P02915


About The Author

Ralph Naranjo (Annapolis, MD) was technical editor of Cruising World magazine for 12 years, during which he reviewed and sea-tested hundreds of new boats and their systems. For ten years, as Vanderstar Chair at the U.S. Naval Academy, he directed the Academys sail training program with specific focus on safety, seamanship, navigation, and vessel readiness. He was the Academys lead agent in the design and acquisition of a fleet of 30 new 44-foot sailing crafta $15 million, Congressionally funded program. For ten years he managed the Seawanhaka Boatyard and Marina in Oyster Bay, Long Island. He is a marine industry consultant and expert witness, a past chair of the U.S. Sailing Safety at Sea Committee, a frequent U.S. Sailing Safety at Sea seminar moderator, a U.S. Coast Guard licensed master (100 tons), a member of the Explorers Club and the Cruising Club of America, and a past Storm Trysail Club board member. A U.S. Sailing Master Trainer, he understands what recreational boaters need to know about seamanship, and he knows how to teach them. He has written some 200 articles for boating magazines and has won three Boating Writers International awards. He has completed three transatlantic passages, eight Bermuda Races, and numerous other offshore passages under sail and power, and completed a five-year voyage around the world under sail with his wife and children.

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