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Ted Hood – Through Hand And Eye

$99.00 GST

From inventive sailmaker to innovative yacht designer, to successful America’s Cup skipper, Ted Hood has had a legendary career. Also legendary was his reputation as a man of few words, making him an intriguing presence in the Yachting World.
Still actively engaged and sailing in his late 70’s, Ted Hood here breaks his silence to tell his story in detail: from childhood sailing and boatbuilding to the secrets of sailcloth; from the tactics and sail trim of Americas Cup racers to the theory of the wide, shallow “delta form” of Hood yacht designs; and from his influential series of sailboats named Robin to the latest jet drive motorboats. It’s a fascinating tale of notable sailors, trendsetting boats, and the insightful mind of America’s most influential sailmaker-designer-helmsman. 199 pages HB

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