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South From Alaska: Sailing to Australia with a baby for crew

$34.95 GST

Ever since I was seven years old, I have been convinced that one of the fundamental upsides of being alive is that it gives you the chance to do things like sailing across oceans …

When marine biologists Mike Litzow and his partner Alisa make a promise to follow their dream to sail from Alaska to Australia, they agree that they won’t leave until their son, Elias, is one year old. When he is nine months, they give up waiting, strap him down and weigh anchor.

In his unflinching account of their trip, Mike tells the inspiring story of the stress and exhilaration, the fights and incredible closeness of family life onboard, and the unrelenting fierceness and incredible beauty of the open sea. South From Alaska is a warm, personal and fascinatingly honest account of a family afloat in the Pacific.

‘There’s nothing better than going on an adventure with your kids.

Paperback:  286 pages

Author : Mike Litzow

SKU: P8164


“As a sailor who raised his daughter aboard, I was touched by this book. Litzow writes from the heart.” – Cap’n Fatty Goodlander, sailor and writer

“Mike writes well and with utter honesty about the sometimes overwhelming sense of responsibility he feels when he and his partner Alisa take a toddler to sea. He clearly shows the stress this places on their marriage and how it is balanced by the rewards they and their slowly maturing son reap. Essential reading for anyone contemplating voyaging with very young children.” – Lin Pardey, author of Storm Tactics Handbook, Self Sufficient Sailor and Bull Canyon

“Litzow is a talented writer…evocative and powerfully visual.” – The Age (Melbourne)

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