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Somewhere Down a Crazy River

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Robyn Catchlove wasn’t destined for married life and two and half kids in the suburbs of Adelaide.

So, in her early twenties, she walks away from a passionless marriage to seek out adventure and lead the life she always dreamed of. As a spunky 25-year-old, she meets her match, Les Coles, in balmy Cairns, and together they set about building the boat of their dreams. By the time the Jean King launches, Robyn and Les are fiercely in love and ready to take on the challenges of the professional fishing game.

This is the start of a gripping eight-year sea journey set in the hallucinogenic tropics of Far North Queensland. It also takes Robyn deep into the heart of the exclusively male world of professional fishing. It is physical, tough, and often perilous, but Robyn won’t give up until she has not just silenced, but completely won over, even her toughest critics.

Along the way, Robyn develops a remarkable bond with the environment, experiences a deep relationship with indigenous Australians, and collects a swag of colourful and gutsy fishing mates.

But when her one true ally unexpectedly turns on her, Robyn is going to need more resilience and courage than she ever needed – even in the toughest storm at sea.

Robyn’s is a quintessentially Australian story about passions: where they can take you, how to walk away from them if they threaten to destroy you, and what is left if you have the courage to do so.

Author : Robin Catchlove

Paperback : 376 pages

SKU: P81425

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