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Seabreeze Handbook

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This practical handbook helps seafarers – from dinghy racers to cruising yachtsmen – predict and capitalise on seabreezes, the fickle yet essential lifeblood of sailing.

Seabreezes are the lifeblood of cruising and racing sailors – but they are a fickle resource and it’s vital to be able to predict and read the situations when they will blow strongly, change direction (annoyingly) or vanish altogether.This is a highly practical handbook from Alan Watts, the renowned meteorology author, on a subject only lightly touched upon in other books. Here he helps seafarers of all types (dinghy sailors, yacht racers, big boat cruisers, etc) to capitalise on when the seabreeze will occur and from what direction. He will explain the relevance of:- Time of day- Sea/land temperature- Local topography (bays, cliffs, headlands, etc)- Pressure systems and their effect on the arrival and duration of seabreezesIllustrated with photos, wind charts, box-outs, checklists, and tips and hints, this is the book that will help sailors to use the wind efficiently, whether in order to cruise or race successfully.

PB 126 pages

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