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Scout: 100 years astern

$39.95 GST

100 Years Astern is collection of first hand, sociological accounts of New Zealanders engaged in their chosen recreational activity. The book is a reflection of the emerging nation as it evolves its reputation for self-help, independence, and independent thinking as men and women overcome the limitations imposed on them by financial restriction and morals imported from the larger centres of civilization to evolve their own lives, and specifically their own recreational activity. Sailing is the medium through which their stories are told. This is an account of men who copied the design of one of the world s top racing classes from the page of a magazine, to create a boat that they hoped would lead local class racing in the 1910 s. It is the story of how although that dream never materialised (her racing class never established a foothold in New Zealand), the boat quickly and easily made the transition to a more prosaic reality when the integration of the speed in her racing design, made her entry into the snapper and mullet fishing fleet out of Auckland in the 1910 s an easy one. PB 110 pages

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