Rescuetec Pack

$29.95 GST

Category: SKU: G6000


The Rescuetec pack is cheap insurance if your phone gets wet. The Rescuetec bag is filled with a dessicant product that soaks up the water and dries out the phone over 48-72 hours. It’s best to have one handy, but will work days after the accident provide the phone is turned off immediately. Devices that have been submerged in salt water will need to be rinsed clean as the salf will corrode the electronics very quickly.
RescueTec has undergone rigorous laboratory testing and is proven to recover phones and other personal electronic devices, even after prolonged submersion in water. Other liquids such as salt water, alcohol, detergent and toilet contents can also be removed with a combination of rinsing the pollutant away with clean water and then using the RescueTec pack.