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Pocket Salvage: 100 things to Remember (2nd ed)

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Touw B&B Holding BV and Koffeman Consult – BV jointly publish “POCKET SALVAGE” , a practical, pocket size book relevant information about Salvage of Ships, including Conventions, Contracts, Guidelines, and data of important Organizations and Unions active in Shipping.

The second, revised edition of the book “POCKET SALVAGE” has now been published.

This extremely handy and skilful booklet, published by Maup Hoppzak and Geert Koffeman, is a must for anyone interested in shipping in general and in salvage in particular.

A comprehensive collection of all kind of documents, conventions, contracts, institutions and associations, relevant websites, important addresses and further valuable information in one small booklet, even more complete than the first edition which came out some 3 years ago.

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