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Personal Injury Prevention: A Guide to Good Practice (Second Edition)

$81.00 GST

This guide highlights onboard operations that present a risk to personal safety and sets out recommended personal protective equipment (PPE) and best working practices.

It looks at the roles and procedures required for effective onboard safety management and advises how to develop an onboard safety culture.

The guide is illustrated with cartoons demonstrating good and bad practice.

The International Safety Management (ISM) Code requires all ships to implement a Safety Management System, to include procedures, plans, instructions and checklists for key shipboard operations. This guide complements the SMS and is designed to raise awareness of onboard hazards and promote onboard safety culture.

The book identifies the key safety practices that should be implemented on every ship, including shipboard safety management, work planning and use of personal protective equipment (PPE). It discusses a number of onboard operations, including electrical maintenance, handling shipboard chemicals, use of lifting equipment, hot work, enclosed space entry, mooring operations, cargo handling and galley work. It describes the potential hazards and sets out safeguards and best practices.

The book includes case studies relating to variety of personal injury claims. They examine the cause of each incident and the lessons to be learnt.

Pages 86

SKU: P62855

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