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NAVBasics (3 book set), 3rd Edition, 2023

$256.50 GST

Nautical Almanac, Chart & Radar Plotting Sheet

NAVBasics has been designed for the junior officer undertaking study. The three volumes have been divided carefully, bringing together items that are usually taught in tandem and ensuring the order flows in a logical manner.

Volume one covers the Earth, coastal navigation, tides and passage planning. Volume two covers sailings, ocean offshore and celestial navigation. The third volume provides an overview of watchkeeping and electronic navigation.

It is written in plain English and contains numerous diagrams, worked examples and exercises on key areas of the Navigational Syllabus. Information that is formally part of the syllabus is held in sections at the end of each volume, providing a useful start to the additional reading recommended for all junior officers.

NAVBasics was written by a Senior Navigational Lecturer and was updated in 2023.

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