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myMet Weather Meter

$195.00 GST

WeatherHawk myMET Hand Held Wind Meter with BLE Connectivity, White 

myMET is a handheld device that reacts almost instantly to changes in wind and air temperature. This instrument is a new concept in handheld wind meters in that it can display data on an integral LCD, and on a Smartphone or tablet.

iOS and Android Apps are available for free with purchase of the device. They display the measurements for wind speed, air temperature and wind chill, with the added display device supplied data for location, direction and altitude. Data can be connected to a site image, from the smart device, and transmitted by email or text.

Benefits and Features

Displays data on Smartphone or tablet
Apps are free
Handheld device
Reacts almost instantly to changes in the wind and air temperature
Displays wind speed, air temperature and wind chill measurements
Displays location, direction, and altitude
Transmits data by email or text

SKU: N438

Online Shopping