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Maritime Security – A Practical Guide for Mariners

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This ‘go to’ guide will inform, prepare and protect the mariner from a wide range of security scenarios and risks facing the shipping industry today: the maritime security domain, migration at sea and stowaways, piracy, crime at sea, cyber security, training and drills, requirements of the ISPS Code and many others. Whether you are working on ship or ashore this book is a much-needed handy compendium, easy to follow and easily understood with practical advice and guidance provided throughout.

Masters, company security officers and ship security officers all play a key role in making vessels secure and watching out for criminal and other unwanted activities. This book is intended for those who have responsibility for the welfare of vessel crews, cargoes and ships. It covers essential areas including the evolution of maritime security, elements and implications of the ISPS Code, how to ensure compliance with legislation and insights into the rapidly developing area of cybersecurity.

Masters and crews must balance complex demands placed on them by other people, ships and ports, often with little notice or warning given. Clear and concise explanations are given of the principles underpinning security processes around these complex issues, as well as guidance and advice on putting them into action. In particular, the difficult topics of piracy, stowaways and the rescue of migrants at sea are covered in detail.

Above all, this book is a practical guide, written to serve as a helpful source of information and support for anyone facing issues relating to maritime security and keeping vessels, crews and cargoes safe at sea.

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