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LNG Shipping Knowledge (3rd Edition) (ebook)

$1,035.00 GST

This publication details the underpinning knowledge required for ship’s officers serving on LNG carriers, as set out in SIGTTO’s ‘LNG Shipping Competency Standards’.

Now in its 3rd edition (2020), this publication has been updated to reflect the substantial technical and operational advances on LNG carriers that have occurred since it was first prepared across 2006- 2008.

To put this level of advance in context, in 2006, the world fleet of LNG carriers was over 200 ships. At the beginning of 2020 there were 540 LNG carriers in service, with over 130 LNG carriers on order. In 2018 alone, LNG carriers carried out 5,119 trade voyages.

At almost 500 pages, this publication details all areas of LNG carriage and care by sea

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