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Iris 100 Hand Bearing Compass Blue

$195.00 GST

Can be installed at any inclination: vertical, horizontal, flat—even
upside down
• Extra brackets are available for multiple mounting locations
• Shockproof, waterproof, floats
• Card remains horizontal whatever your position and is unaffected
by heeling, shock and vibration
• Extremely legible cone-shaped card is graduated every 5°
• Double-reading card for direct and horizontal bearings
• Two mobile lubberlines (3 on Tactical)
• Expansion diaphragm prevents bubble formation in the liquid
• Soft rubber casing provides efficient protection against shocks
• Built-in lanyard for added security
• Models with longlife LED lighting operate on a standard 1.5V
battery (not included)
• Includes padded carry pouch, sliding bracket and screws
• Weighs just 10.5oz (295g)


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