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IMOK844E FTP Code 2012 Edition e-Book

$69.00 GST

The International Code for Application of Fire Test Procedures, (2010 FTP Code) was developed with the
aim to enhance user friendliness, ensure more uniform application of the requirements on fire testing and
generalize the experience gained so far from the application of resolution MSC.61(67). Bearing in mind
the intent of developers to formulate the requirements for fire test procedures in a form which would be as
close to general industry’s procedures as possible, one of the aims of the Code was to update references
to all ISO applicable standards. The present Code contains requirements for the testing process itself:
testing laboratories, format of test reports, and provides procedures of type and case-by-case approval of
materials, components and structures intended for maritime applications. Taking due account of alternative
designs and arrangements which have been made possible by virtue of SOLAS regulation II-2/17, adopted
by resolution MSC.99(73) in 2000, the Code also provides for the possibility of conducting alternative
tests on a proviso that the level of safety of the tested materials, components and structures set by the
Convention is not compromised and corresponds to at least that contained in its prescriptive requirements.

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