IMO946: Guide To Cold Water Survival 2012

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This pocket guide is intended primarily for seafarers. It provides information which will help you if you are
unlucky enough to fall into cold water, or have to enter it in an emergency, or have to use survival craft in cold
conditions. It also provides information which will help seafarers, trained as first-aid providers, to treat those
rescued from cold conditions.
This guide briefly examines the hazards of exposure to the cold that may endanger life, and provides advice
based on the latest medical and scientific opinion on how to prevent or minimize those dangers. It is a sad
fact that people continue to die at sea through a lack of this knowledge. Knowing what is likely to happen
if you are exposed to cold water is a survival aid in itself. A thorough understanding of the information
contained in this booklet may some day save your life – or someone else’s.