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Honey, Let’s Buy a Boat!

$29.95 GST

The lure of boating in its myriad forms has touched most Australians at one time or another. Many succumb, some resist and many wish they could take the plunge but are wary of the challenges of buying and operating their own boat. Boat ownership and handling appears so difficult and boating terminology seems both archaic and bewildering. There is port and starboard instead of a simple left and right. Cleats and lines and galleys and heads, cockpits and bilges; it is an occupation seemingly designed to intimidate.

Darren Finkelstein has been messing about in boats for most of his life. For the past 10 years he has earned his living in the industry as Dealer Principal of St Kilda Boat Sales in Melbourne.

Honey, let’s buy a BOAT! is a 360-page book packed with information both general and comprehensive. It includes a detailed description of 20 different kinds of power boats, from the simple tinnie and the personal water craft – motorbikes on water – to massive flybridge cruisers. Each includes a pricing guide as well as engine and accommodation options.

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