Gougeon Bros On Boat Construction

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This is the 5th edition of this essential work in understanding wooden boat building. About 20% of the material is new, easily enough to justify buying this edition even if you have an earlier edition. In fact if you have previous editions you will probably have found them so essential that you would not dream of waiting a minute to purchase this latest revision. The entire layout of the book has been revised. I know that I will carefully read every page of my copy. There’s more information on a wide variety of wood and epoxy building methods, interior construction, use of reinforcing fibers and fabrics, fastenings bonding, etc. They note that they include some techniques for completeness that they would not use now themselves, feeling that other methods have proven better, but they are still included to show the complete range of methods and for “historical” value. They also point out that, while for efficiency more and more design clients are having the designers do lofting in the computer, the manual methods are still essential for understanding, a cross check, and to allow rapid development of anything the designer may have neglected to realize you would need lofting information on. 406 pages HB