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Cruising the high seas on an ocean liner has long been regarded as a romantic throwback to a by gone era of travel, where the salt air, the open ocean and the anticipation of the next port’s delights combine to create a unqiue and memorable travel experience.
The luxury end of cruising takes this idyll even further, affording travellers a unique opportunity to explore exotic and difficult-to-reach corners of the world in comfort and style, while being royally pampered in the process.
In Cruising, Joanna and Bell Hall take you on a five-star, round-the-world voyage aboard some of the most glamorous cruise ships. Beautifully photographed, it brings to life many of today’s popular cruising destinations and alluring sights, and showcases regional cuisine with 30 mouthwatering recipes, including signature dishes from internationally acclaimed chefs. HB 302 pages

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