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Competence Assurance Guidelines for F(P)SOs

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This publication provides guidelines to assist F(P)SO Managers in achieving and maintaining the highest practical standards of competence for F(P)SO operations personnel. The guidelines are installation specific, not company generic. This means that if a company has multiple F(P)SOs then the whole range of activities will need to be carried out for each unit.

The purpose of this guide is to enable F(P)SO Managers to:

Develop an effective Competency Assurance Program
Develop a concept for competency assessment that meets each company’s needs based upon their own site organisation structure
Determine the competencies required for each Level of F(P)SO personnel
Assess the competence of each member of the F(P)SO operations personnel
Assist establish the training needs for each member of the F(P)SO personnel
Establish the required experience and knowledge for safe operations, based upon the Competency Assessment Tables


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