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Celestial Navigation in the GPS Age

$39.95 GST

Celestial Navigation (CN)  in the GPS Age by John Karl

This revised and expanded edition of this popular CN book now introduces simple tabular sight reductions first, followed by calculator methods for those wishing to take full advantage of their flexibility.

Of course it retains the same unprecedented clear and accurate explanation of CN mysteries, such as the role of the assumed position , and how positions and celestial LOPs can be plotted with no assumptions. The section on stars has been expanded, and star and planet identification and viewing have been added.

It explains nine special sights, such as Polaris sights, meridian sights, and even sights without a sextant. Lunar distance sights are explained from the ground up, using only basic concepts, with no special formulas or tables. The book has a unique chapter on sextants and their properties, explaining the workings and effects of different horizon mirrors and telescopes, and their associated advantages and disadvantages.

Related topics include: integrating CN with GPS for improving skill and safety; constructing plotting sheets; making superior running fixes; designing special LOPs for landfalls; and performing compass deviation checks at sea.

Beginners will like the clear and authoritative explanations, arriving at a complete sight reduction in just 40 pages, accompanied by 72 exercises for plenty of practice and confidence building all in the most comprehensive CN book ever written.

Experienced navigators will appreciate the comprehensive fresh treatment of all topics, many never seen elsewhere.

Paperback: 310 pages

Author : John Karl

SKU: P1493


About the Author

John Karl is a physicist, artist, pilot, writer, and a sailor. He learned celestial navigation 50 years ago and has been sailing for 60 years. He s taught celestial navigation workshops at the University of Wisconsin and aboard the 3-masted S/V Denis Sullivan. He s conducted marine research in the Great Lakes on the R/V Salmo and in the Gulf of California aboard the R/V Melville. Karl has sailed the Pacific Ocean, East Coast, Great Lakes, Florida Keys, and the Bahamas.

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