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Catamaran Sailing : From Start to Finish

$49.95 GST

Catamaran Sailing: From Start to Finish by Phil Berman

Fast, inexpensive, versatile, and exciting, catamarans are one of America’s most popular pleasure crafts.
Here is a complete course in catamaran sailing for the beginner and the semi-experienced sailor who wants to become more skilled in the arts of tuning, handling, and racing cats. It includes sections on buying a cat, learning the basics, heavy weather sailing, mastering the fine points, racing tactics, surfing, and more. A new chapter on how to use high-performance sails covers how to use spinnakers, reachers, screechers and fathead mainsails.
About Phil Berman
Phil Berman has been sailing and racing catamarans since 1969. A past winner of the Hobie 14 World Championships and second-place finisher in the Hobie 18 Worlds.

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